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Jos´┐Ż Mar´┐Ża Vilaplana

Jos´┐Ż Mar´┐Ża Vilaplana. Alhambra Guitars Luthiers

Son of Jos´┐Ż Mar´┐Ża Vilaplana Vilaplana, equally luthier, and one of the founders of Manufacturas Alhambra, has an extensive experience in building guitars since he started in this exciting profession of Luthier at the early age of 16.

After gaining experience in various tasks within the company, at the age 28, coinciding with the move to the new facilities, a new workshop was built to reach two different objectives: first building their own guitars which were marketed under the Jos´┐Ż Mar´┐Ża Vilaplana name and secondly, the development of new models, testing, prototypes and special orders, such as guitars of 8 and 10 strings.

Within the range of experiments, some of them are already part of the Alhambra Guitars museum and we have to mention, in a special way, guitars with lower hole, double hole, double top and double internal side. Equally, there are many bracing designs with different sizes and arrangements.

His first instruments were built with 656 mm. scale and it was quite normal to get orders to build guitars with 660 mm. scale. Over time, although he still allowed orders with 660 mm. scale, the scale was standardized and now it is 650 mm.

As an expert, he knows how important is the influence of the finish on the sound and he has always treated carefully the finish on his guitars.

His good taste to make everything perfect together with an exquisite finish of his guitars makes possible to please the most demanding professional guitarists.

His knowledge has been passed on to the current Luthiers generation.

Jos´┐Ż Margarit

Jos´┐Ż Margarit. Alhambra Guitars Luthiers

Jos´┐Ż Margarit joined Alhambra in 1970. He was working in the last steps of the guitar manufacturing process until the year 1995 where he joined the Jose Maria Vilaplana's workshop, to help Javier Mengual during the illness Mr. Vilaplana had.

He was selected within more than 90 workers for his fine work and he immediately got completely adapted to his new role into the company.

In May 2004, Javier Mengual and Jos´┐Ż Margarit started signing their own Alhambra Luthier guitars as "Mengual & Margarit".

Now, they joined the new challenge of renewing the professional models of Alhambra with the guidance of Mr. Vilaplana and the advice of Mr. Jos´┐Ż Miguel Moreno.

As a result of such project, they have introduced their own character and knowledge in the New Luthier "C" model.

He is in charge to teach the new Luthier generation in Alhambra.

Javier Mengual

Javier Mengual. Alhambra Guitars Luthiers

Javier Mengual joined Alhambra Company in August 1972 when he was 16 years old.

As soon as he started working, he felt curious about many of the different works done in the guitar manufacturing process and he got a higher degree in the different areas of the company: sawmill (where every single piece is crafted), varnishing, sanding and polishing process are familiar to him.

In 1988 Jose Mar´┐Ża Vilaplana was looking for someone else to work into his personal workshop. There, he learnt from Jose Maria Vilaplana and he started to wholly make the guitars at the Luthier level.

Since then, almost 25 years has passed and all of them have been getting experience and knowledge from hundreds of professional guitarists.

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