Alhambra Guitars will donate 22 guitars and join forces with Los Secretos

  • Alhambra Guitars will donate 22 guitars and join forces with Los Secretos

    The guitars will be auctioned through the eBay platform during one week from May 15th

    Muro de Alcoy (14-5-2020) - Alhambra Guitars, sensitive to the current global health situation caused by the COVID-19 virus, joins this great initiative of the group Los Secretos to raise funds for the work of the Red Cross.

    Alhambra Guitars will make available to the Spanish Red Cross the amount collected after a solidarity auction of 22 guitars on the eBay auction platform, from Friday 15th May at 8pm, until Friday 22nd May at 8pm.

    "The Red Cross is doing a fundamental work in our cities, even more so in a situation like the one we are living, that is why from  Alhambra Guitars we are doing what is in our hands and we are going to contribute with these 22 instruments to support this exceptional project" said Valeriá Torregrosa, General Director of Alhambra Guitars.

    The donation that Alhambra Guitars will make to the Red Cross will be used entirely in the fight against the pandemic, within the "RED CROSS RESPONDS TO COVID-19 PLAN".

    With this plan, the Red Cross aims to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by adapting its regular services and activities, adopting new measures and supporting the public administration, in order to ensure the continuity of responses to the population in general and, especially, to people in vulnerable situations.

    The work carried out by the Red Cross is based on 8 major areas: health, relief, social inclusion, education, employment, environment, international cooperation and volunteering. These are all areas that integrate actions with clear and direct objectives; reducing morbidity, mortality and social impact.

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