Auctioned the David Gilmour's Alhambra guitar from Pink Floyd

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    The Alhambra guitar built by José María Vilaplana in 1979 has been sold for $ 80,000

    The guitar, built by José María Vilaplana in 1979, was part of the private collection of David Gilmour, the singer and guitarist of the British rock band Pink Floyd. A group that revolutionized music in the 70s.

    The famous auction house Christies's in New York has been responsible for selling the Alhambra guitar José María Vilaplana model, of Pink Floyd’s singer, where they have raised $ 80,000 aimed at combating climate change.

    In total, 126 guitars have been auctioned from the musician's private collection, achieving the astronomical figure of 21 million dollars that will go to ClientEarth, an organization dedicated to the fight against climate change. A problem described by the British musician as "the greatest challenge that humanity will face".

    The record of the auction has been obtained by the Fender Stratocaster of 1969, the so-called "Black Strat". An instrument sold for 3.9 million dollars and that constitutes a new world record by turning it into the most expensive guitar in the world.

    The "Black Strat" was used to record well-known albums such as "The Wall", "The Dark Side of the Moon" or "Wish You Were Here".

    David Gilmour is a musician with a musical career of almost 60 years and known for his work as a vocalist, guitarist and composer in the British band Pink Floyd. In addition, this great musician has also done solo work reaping great successes and with relevant positions in the North American record market.

    David Gilmour: "We need a civilized world that continues for all our grandchildren and beyond, where you can play these guitars and sing songs"

    The auctioned in the world of the guitar

    Throughout history countless instruments and objects related to the world of guitars have been auctioned.

    In our blog we talked about some of the guitars that have obtained the highest figures in auction.

    In fact, until now the first position was occupied by a Fender Stratocaster sold for 2.7 million dollars. An amount directed to the victims of the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

    An instrument signed by some of the best musicians of today. Among others: Eric Clapton, Keith Richards or Brian May.

    In the classical music of the Spanish guitar we also find some examples of striking auctions.

    The manuscript score of world-famous work by Francisco Tárrega, “Recuerdos de la Alhambra”, was auctioned in 2011 with a starting price of € 80,000, but no bidder came to bid.

    In the following Pink Floyd vídeo, you can see the Alhambra guitar built by José María Vilaplana in 1979.


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