Alí Arango won the Francisco Tárrega Competition 2018

  • Alí Arango won the Tárrega 2018, Alhambra Guitars

    The cuban guitarist won the "LII Edition of the Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition" with his Alhambra guitar

    • Alí Arango has reached a staggering total of 20 prizes in international competitions

    • Alí Arango plays an Alhambra guitar - Vilaplana NT Series model by the luthier José María Vilaplana

    • The power of the Alhambra guitar played along with the orchestra with the famous Concierto de Aranjuez

    September 12, 2018.- This Cuban guitarist and composer has shown to be one of the referents in the guitar world. With the first prize and the audience prize at the Francisco Tárrega International Competition, Alí Arango has reached a staggering total of 20 prizes in international competitions.

    Apart from the Andrés Segovia Competition, which he also won with his Alhambra guitar in 2017, it is relevant to mention other contests such as the Alhambra International Guitar Competition, the Havana’s, the Miguel Llobet’s, the competition of the Palau de la Música in Barcelona, and many others up to a total of twenty.

    A virtuoso with great expressiveness and good sound

    Alí Arango is a virtuoso on the guitar, who has several relevant characteristics. Some of the values of this artist are the great expressiveness in the performance, combined with a powerful and cared sound.

    Alí Arango plays an Alhambra guitar -Vilaplana NT Series model. A guitar made by the luthier José María Vilaplana.

    The guitar on stage

    The Vilaplana NT Series guitar was made using Palosanto from India for the sides and the back, and a selected cedar top, along with careful details, and sound characteristics which are the result of a long experience in the construction of guitars.

    The public attending each one of the eliminatory ones of the Tárrega Competition 2018, could enjoy a powerful sound with a lot of projection.

    In addition the Tárrega Compeition is characterized by including a concert with orchestra in the final phase. An ideal setting to listen to the power of the Alhambra guitar with the orchestra. In this case, with a composition as famous as the Concierto de Aranjuez by “Maestro Rodrigo”.

    According to Alí Arango: "When I play this guitar, I feel encouraged, because it satisfies the requirements of power and timbre in the sound. It gets a wide range of nuances in sound. It adapts to the way I play it. "

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