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    During the week of Friday, November 24th to Saturday, December 2nd, the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf becomes the meeting point of the great figures of the guitar. Eight days full of concerts and master classes.

    • On Friday, December 1st at 8:00 pm, "Una noche en la Alhambra", a concert in which excellent guitarists will perform

    • All Masterclasses will be live streaming


    El dia de la Alhambra”

    On Thursday, November 30th at 7:30 pm there will be a double concert entitled El dia de la Alhambra” in which Alí Arango and Rafael Aguirre will perform an interesting repertoire. A concert marked by technical perfection and expressive virtuosity.

    The following day, on Friday, December 1st at 8:00 pm, "Una noche en la Alhambra" a concert in which excellent guitarists will perform. The flamenco star Juan Manuel Cañizares, along with Marco Tamayo, Ricardo Gallén, David Martínez, Alexander-Sergei Ramírez, Eduardo Inestal, Joaquín Clerch, Andrea González Caballero, Mircea Gogoncea and Miguel Ángel Lázaro Díaz. Together with the "Sinfonietta Ratingen" under the direction of Thomas Gabrisch.

    Activity program:

    Friday, November 24th, 20 h. - Vicente Amigo and his group

    Saturday, November 25th at 5 p.m. - Álvaro Pierri

    Sunday, November 26th at 11 h. - Joaquín Clerch (Guitar) and Niurka Gonzales (flute).

    Sunday, November 26th at 8 p.m. - Aniello Desiderio

    Monday, November 27th at 8pm.- Duet Paganini formed by Michael Dauth (violin) and Hubert Käppel (guitar)

    Tuesday, November 28th at 8:00 p.m. - Sheila Arnold (fortepiano) and Alexander-Sergei Ramírez (romantic guitar)

    Wednesday, November 29th at 5pm. - Concertino duo with Martin Wanat and Andreas Koch (historical instruments).

    Wednesday, November 29th at 7:30 p.m. - Nirse González and Anabel Montesinos

    Thursday, November 30th at 5 p.m. - Trio with Michaela Bögner (flute), Uta Schlichtig (cello) and Karl-Heinz Wehnert (guitar)

    Thursday, November 30th at 7:30 p.m. - Double concert with Ali Arango and Rafael Aguirre

    Friday, December 1st at 5pm, - Double concert with Juan Carlos Arancibia and Kunhwa Lee

    Friday, December 1st at 8 pm, - "Una noche en la Alhambra". Ten guitarists and a world premiere, under the direction of Juan Manuel Cañizares

    Saturday, December 2nd at 5 p.m. - Andreas Stevens conference on "The guitar lesson of Segovia: a search for clues"

    Saturday, December 2nd at 7:30 p.m. - Latin Jazz night with “Los Pipos”, Caribbean and Latin American rhythms.

    Master classes with live streaming: Saturday 25th, Nirse González (14 to 16.30), Niurka González (10 to 17 in the morning, flute), on Sunday 26th, Álvaro Pierri (9:00 to 10: 30 and 14: 00-17: 30), on Monday 27th, Aniello Desiderio (10 to 12:30 and from 14 to 16:30), Tuesday 28th, Hubert Käppel (10 to 12:30 and from 14 a 16:30), Wednesday 29th, David Martinez (10 to 12:30) and Marco Tamayo (14 to 16.30), Thursday 30th, Ricardo Gallén (10 to 12.30) and Anabel Montesinos (14 to 16.30), Friday 1st, Rafael Aguirre (10 at 12.30) and Alí Arango (14 to 16.30), on Saturday 2nd, Juan Manuel Cañizares (14 to 16.30).

    More information on the website of the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf

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