The Philippe Bertaud Memorial Award

  • The Philippe Bertaud Memorial Award  - Alhambra Guitars

    Honoring the memory of a musical friend, Philippe Bertaud.


    Living in the south of France, in a city between green Alps mountains and azure-blue Mediterranean sea, my first passion was nature.

    As a teenager I wanted to be a shepherd, and not the computer geek my mother vainly hoped…

    I became a guitarist. And when I say “I became a guitarist” the right term should be a MultiPassionate-Guitarist!" -Philippe Bertaud


    PHILIPPE BERTAUD (1967 – 2014).- A passionate musician and one of the most positive souls you could imagine. Philippe Bertaud was born in Nice, France in 1967. He started playing guitar at 14 and studied at the National Conservatory of Nice. His first recording came when he was 16, and he spent years touring some of the world's most renowned concert halls. His own compositions reflected his omnivorous musical passions, incorporating sounds from Asia, Brazil and New Orleans with his classical upbringing. One of the world's few guitarists who was totally comfortable in both the Jazz/ Commercial and Classical styles.

    This award is a collaborative effort with sponsors including: Five Towns College, Alhambra Guitars,, and The D'Addario Foundation.



    • Offered annually to 4 full-time matriculated B.M./ Music Ed. Guitar applicants, whose focus is to study the art of concert guitar.

    • Minimum high school 3.0 GPA.

    • Interview and audition with Prof. Gerry Saulter.


    • $3000 tuition reduction per year from Five Towns College Scholarship Foundation.

    Kris Barnett Rare Earth magnet guitar support from, ($100 value).

    • $400 in-kind donation ($100 per year) from the D'Addario Foundation for strings and guitar accessories during undergraduate studies.

    • $600 coupon voucher towards the purchase of an Alhambra Linea Professional guitar with case, purchased exclusively from

    • $100 coupon voucher towards the purchase of any guitar accessory from

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