Alhambra Guitars Luthier in Music China

  • Alhambra Guitars Luthier in Music China

    Manufacturas Alhambra exhibits its luthier guitars, along with the other new features of this year, in China Music Fair.

    During this week, from 26th to 29th October, Manufacturas Alhambra will be present at the Fair Music China in Shanghai. In the hall W3 C12.

    Alhambra's team will be there to present the novelties of this year. A work of constant innovation, where tradition and quality in the manufacturing process, as well as the materials used, are the stars.

    Luthier guitars by Alhambra, a quality choice.

    In particular, the relevance of the "Signature Guitars" increases, Luthier Guitars Alhambra. Instruments made of the finest materials and teachers hands of the Luthier Masters of Alhambra, instruments that are having great success around of the world.

    In addition to the Luthier guitars, the Spanish company will show a wide range of instruments from different styles such as: Classical, Flamenco, Accoustic (steel strings) and Crossover.

    Constant innovation process

    Among the novelties of this year, it's very important the development of models of flamenco, where new technical indications possible to get instruments with pure flamenco sound and value very interesting. 2F model is a clear example of this continuous improvement.

    Moreover, other innovations such as new distributions of harmonic bars, developments of ergonomic necks or incorporating new materials convert the catalog of Alhambra and a strong commitment already consolidated to bring the Spanish guitar around of the world.

    Brand Spain, leader in the sector.

    In fact, the instruments by Manufacturas Alhambra are sold in more than 60 countries, a reality that stands it as a benchmark in the sector.

    This relevant fact shows the importance of Spain in the development of Spanish guitars. An instrument that is built in many countries and where the brand Spain is considered quality mark.

    Next to Manufacturas Alhambra, in Music China Fair nine other Spanish companies in the sector will be present.

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