Making the finest nylon string guitars in Spain since 1965

Making the finest nylon string guitars in Spain since 1965

Premier Pro Exˇtico

Alhambra Guitar Premier Pro Exótico: beauty, innovation and tradition aimed at the most demanding guitarist

The Premier Pro Exótico model is a guitar that offers a powerful sound, full of nuances. A comfortable instrument that provides security to the interpreter.

This guitar is a clear example and a result of the success of the investment in research in I+D+I that has been carried out by Alhambra Guitars in the last years. One of the results of this firm commitment is this innovative guitar with excellent aesthetics.

Apart from its excellent quality-price ratios, it is important to mention the undeniable beauty of the instrument in which the best quality of wood has been used, including the wonderful red peroba, which gives character and aesthetic distinction.

High quality materials and finishes

In addition to the use of solid red peroba in the back and sides, a high-quality cedar top, a Schaller Grand Tune Classic Hauser machine heads and bone in the saddle and saddle were used to create this instrument.

The finish of the Premier Pro Exótico model has been made in gloss, using nitrocellulose lacquer varnish for the top.

The varnish called Laca nitro (nitrocellulose lacquer) is a finish that offers greater flexibility and therefore, greater capacity of vibration to the top. What contributes directly to the sound of the guitar.

This model also incorporates a twelve-hole bridge. A bridge design where the strings are easier to place, since the double hole makes the string is held by itself.

New design in the bracing

Without any doubt, it is a model with a new and modern spirit that presents a plus for that guitarist who wants to play and enjoy it. Proof of this is the design of its bracing.

The layout of the bracing contributes to satisfy the demands of the guitarists of today in terms of sound, but always maintaining the tradition of the Spanish guitar.

The art of being able to satisfy the demands of the guitarist

When you have this instrument in your hands, the first sensation is security.

Security of being able to press a rested stroke note, putting the guitar to the limit and that the result is a clean and quality sound.

A guitar with a reduced level of hardness and a lot of comfort. A guitar that certainly meets the demands of a guitarist who is looking for an instrument focused on the professional of the noble art of the guitar.



TOP: Solid Red Cedar 
SIDES & BACK: Solid Red Peroba
NECK: Spanish Cedar Reinforced inside with Ebony Wood
MACHINE HEADS: Schaller Grand Tune Classic Hauser​
FINISH: Gloss (Laca nitro on top)
STRINGS: D'Addario EXP 44 Extra Hard Tension


Customized versions


  • Guitarras Alhambra. Signature Guitars. Premier Pro  Exˇtico measures
  • Guitarras Alhambra. Signature Guitars. Premier Pro  Exˇtico measures
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