Flamenco Alhambra Guitars


Guitars with pure flamenco sound directed to today's player

Alhambra Guitars carried out a meticulous process of innovation to develop guitars with sound and traditional touch, incorporating ergonomic designs that increase the comfort of the instrument.

Flamenco guitars made with different types of wood and where you can find both black and white flamenco.

For Alhambra Guitars it is fundamental to be able to offer guitars adapted to the tastes of all guitarists, for this reason, we present this varied catalog of flamenco models.

Cypress, Sycamore or Indian rosewood, next to Olive, Cocobolo, and Madagascar, are the different woods that we will find in back and sides in this variety of models.

For the top, always solid cedar or spruce is used.

Three models of the catalog, the models 2 F, 5 Fp OP Piñana and 10 Fp Piñana, have been made with the collaboration of flamenco guitarist Carlos Piñana. All of them with cedar top, incorporate the specifications of this prestigious guitarist. Traditional sound, warm and powerful, together with a lot of comfort and excellent aesthetics.

The flamenco catalog is made up of guitars with different levels of hardness, but all of them with great comfort and pure flamenco sound.

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