7 P A CW

This guitar is entirely handcrafted with solid woods. Featuring spruce for the top and Indian rosewood for the back and sides, it has fine-looking and high quality ebony for fingerboard. Like the concert models, the neck is reinforced with an ebony strip instead of truss rod. It conducts the vibration all across the instrument and permits the guitar to fully vibrate from head to bottom of the body. Also, it incorporates a stylish cut away designed to satisfy the demands of any composition in any style. The player in fact can feel the instrument vibrate against his/her body. The sound of this guitar is rich, clear and extremely flexible.


TOP: Solid German Spruce 
SIDES & BACK: Solid Indian Rosewood
NECK: Mahogany Reinforced with Ebony 


E2 Fishman Prefix Pro Blend
Tap plate


  • Guitarras Alhambra. Conservatory. 7 P A CW measures
  • Guitarras Alhambra. Conservatory. 7 P A CW measures
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