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The Alhambra Dreadnought model is an authentic western guitar with a powerful sound, much resonance and very comfortable

The Alhambra Dreadnought model is a very comfortable guitar, when someone holds it in their hands, it is as if they had been played throughout life.

It is characterized by a constant sound throughout the fingerboard, which has a great quality and a lot of resonance.

The D-SR model of Alhambra Guitars is an acoustic whose sound is very beautiful, enveloping and stable. Without no doubt it is an appropriate instrument for an experienced guitarist.

The D-SR of Alhambra Guitars comes with 0.12-0.53 strings that gives a lot of comfort and stability.

Quality materials and finishes in the D-SR model

For the top of this guitar you can choose between German Spruce, Cedar, Sitka or Adirondak. And as for the back and sides, you can choose between Sipo, Indian Rosewood or Maple, all of them are solid and selected woods.

Maple is a wood that gives many harmonics and a bright sound. On the other hand, the Indian Rosewood is a wood that offers a deeper sound. The Sipo is possibly the most unknown wood. It comes from Africa and it could be said that it would be at an intermediate point between the characteristics of the Maple and the Indian Rosewood.

With regard to the neck of the D-SR model, you can choose between Sipo or Maple. It comes with truss rod.

The fingerboard and bindings are made of Ebony and Sycamore. The rosette is made of natural veneers and abalone. Schaller, Gotoh or Ratio are the machine heads available

The Alhambra Dreadnought model, D-SR, is an incredible instrument that combines the highest performance with comfort, a guitar that is the result of the Alhambra Guitar design and research process.

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