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The Auditorium model is an instrument with a sweet sound but at the same time very defined and with great pianos and harmonics

The Auditorium model, like its younger sister, the 00 model, has a clear mid-range, and well-defined trebles with basses. It is an ideal instrument for vocal accompaniment and with a form of expression that inspires melodic lines. With high tension strings, caliber 0.12-0.53, it allows the player to freely express themselves with either fingernails or a pick.

The A-CSp model of Alhambra Guitars is a guitar with a very adjusted action, light and with great resonance. This instrument has a sweet sound but at the same time very defined and with great pianos and harmonics. Some characteristics as a result of the design and research process of Alhambra Guitars.

Craft work and selected materials

A small group of luthiers is responsible for developing the Alhambra acoustic guitars, getting very careful instruments in all their details, as well as a meticulous selection of woods.

Using the online acoustic guitar designer, you can set many different characteristics to get unique instruments.

The German Spruce, Cedar, Sitka or the Adirondak, are the options that can be chosen in the model A-CSp to make the top, always solid woods.

The solid woods of Sipo, Palosanto or Maple, are the options offered to build the back and sides. Maple, is a traditional wood in acoustic guitars and stands out for offering many harmonics, sound and brightness. A high-density wood that defines an elegant and precious instrument.

Furthermore, the neck comes with adjustable truss rod and it can be chosen between Sipo or Maple.

Ebony and Sycamore are used to make the fingerboard and the bindings for the rosette, natural veneers and abalone.

Our online acoustic guitar designer, offers the possibility to choose the pattern of the bracing, type of pickguard, amplification or even finish, as well as different machine heads, to choose between the brands: Schaller, Gotoh or Ratio.

The A-CSp Auditorium model will soon have a cutaway version to easy access to the bottom part of the fingerboard.

Do not forget to try our online acoustic guitar designer to get a unique guitar, your customized guitar.


*We reserve the right to change, at any time and without prior warning, the specifications of any product illustrated on this website.

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