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A modern guitar designed for today's guitarists

The 00-SSp model of Alhambra Guitars is a guitar that surprises by its clean design and the high quality materials Alhambra has used for its construction.

The model 00-SSp is totally handmade using selected woods. Consumers can design thier own guitar and they can choose between solid German Spruce, solid Cedar, solid Sitka or solid Adirondak. For the back and sides, they can choose between Sipo, Rosewood or Maple, all of them solid woods that make possible a sound with volume and suitable to interpret different styles.

The Sipo comes from Africa. A precious wood that has an important density. Normally the color of this wood is pinkish white, getting to acquire shades of gray or even brown of different intensities.

The choice of Maple wood, that has a high density, is very common in acoustic guitars. Guitars made of Maple are really elegant and precious. On the other hand, the Indian Rosewood offers a deeper sound.

A comfortable guitar with a modern image

The 00-SSp model is a very comfortable instrument as a result of all of the innovative designs and quality improvements from our 55 years of history. It comes with a very low action and 0.12-0.53 caliber strings.

Alhambra acoustic guitars are handmade carefully by our expert team of acoustic guitar luthiers.

Furthermore, you can choose the neck between Sipo or Maple, some of the woods used for the sides and back. In addition, it comes with truss rod to be able to adjust it. Ebony and Sycamore are used for fingerboards and bindings. For the rosette, we use natural veneers and abalone.

Finally, you can choose the effectiveness and precision of the tuners of this guitar: Schaller, Gotoh or Ratio. Some guitarists describe it as: "a guitar with action, sound and revolutionary concept".

In addition, our online guitar designer offers the possibility to choose the type of pickguard, amplification or even finishing.

Bright and powerful sound

The size of this instrument, with only 636 millimetres size, hides a guitar with volume, projection and high capacity to define the sound.

The quality of the woods, together with a carefully design of the bracing and the low string action, make the sound of this acoustic guitar surprise from the beginning.

Do not forget to try our online guitar designer to get your own custom acoustic Alhambra guitar.

*We reserve the right to change, at any time and without prior warning, the specifications of any product illustrated on this website.

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