New models of Alhambra Acoustic Guitars

Acoustics Guitars

Introducing the new line of Acoustics Guitars

Alhambra Guitars is known all over the world for its Spanish guitars, guitars with nylon strings craft-made using the traditional Spanish system, instruments with a lot of volume and projection, as well as a sound colour that identifies them.

In recent years, we have worked meticulously to achieve a line of high-quality acoustic guitars. From the Know How of Alhambra Guitars and the application of design and development processes with the collaboration of countless artists, the objective pursued has been achieved: an exceptional line of acoustic guitars

The catalogue of acoustic guitars is made up with guitars of different styles: Dreadnought, Jumbo, Auditorium and 00, all of them models with great comfort, resonance and a fantastic sound.

High precision craftsman work

Made entirely by hand, from Alhambra Guitars we want each guitarist to design his own guitar, for this we have designed an online guitar designer through which you can choose: the bracing, the woods used for tops and back & sides, the design of the head, the finish or the type of pickguard, as well as the preamp to install.

For the design of the new acoustic guitars the possibility multiple selected woods are offered.

Specifically, for the top you can choose between German Spruce, Cedar, Sitka or Adirondak. For the back and sides, the options can be Sipo, Indian Rosewod or Maple, all of them solid woods.

With regard to the neck, you can choose between Sipo or Maple, in addition to being able to select the design of the head or even the finish: open pore or gloss.

Through our online guitar designer, you can also choose the machine heads between the brands: Schaller, Gotoh or Ratio. This is the final option that will finish defining an exceptional acoustic guitar made of steel strings.

Very comfortable guitars, with a lot of sound and high-tension strings

Very comfortable instruments, fruit of the design and research process of Alhambra Guitars. With a very low action, this guitar comes with 0.12-0.53 caliber strings that maintain the comfort of the guitar and endow it with fantastic sound performances.

We introduce the last generation of acoustics guitars and the artists who have tested the new acoustic Alhambra guitars describe them as surprising guitars, with great resonance. But far beyond the features and specifications these guitars meet all needs that a musician might need, especially when the guitarists play alone, or sometimes with orchestras, choirs and string quartets, as well as in rock bands.

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