Preamp Fishman Prefix-Plus (E3)


It incorporates an Acoustic Matrix split pickup under the bridge for optimal performance.

The Fishman Prefix-Plus Electrification (E3) has been designed and manufactured specifically for acoustic guitars. It incorporates volume, bass, treble and semi-parametric controls, as well as brightness control.

In the Preamp Fishman Prefix-Plus (E3) we can find an anti-coupling system by means of a phase switch and a “notch” filter. A very useful system for live shows with other musicians.

Possibly the differentiating element of the Preamp Fishman Prefix-Plus (E3) is the Acoustic Matrix split pickup, located under the bridge and designed by Fishman especially for that model.

It also offers a chromatic tuner that can be used without connecting the guitar and easy access to the battery compartment through a tab located on the same preamp.

A very interesting option for acoustic guitars of steel strings, in any of theirs versions.

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