Preamp Fishman Prefix-Pro Blend (E2)


The best amplification by combining pickup and micro

Fishman designed the Prefix line to achieve efficient systems to obtain quality and the best results, through reliable control and the least invasion of the instrument.

Preamp Fishman Prefix-Pro Blend (E2) offers volume controls, as well as bass, contour and treble equalization. It also incorporates the "Notch" control to vary the frequency and eliminate a hypothetical coupling, previously located using the "Frequency" button.

The combination of the Fishman Sonicore pickup, located between the saddle and the bridge, and a good quality internal microphone, give the Preamp Fishman Prefix-Pro Blend (E2) superior qualities to other Fishman models for nylon string guitars.

Preamp Fishman Prefix-Pro Blend (E2) also incorporates a phase switch and a low battery indicator. The battery is located in the same preamp one and it is only necessary to press a tab for an easy battery change.

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