Preamp Fishman Clasica II (EZ)


A preamp designed for nylon string guitars that includes tuner and two equalization bands

The Preamp Fishman Clasica II (EZ) is an optimized system for nylon strings guitars.

The sound is conducted through a pickup called Sonicore Classical which is located exactly under the saddle, between the saddle and the wood of the bridge.

In Preamp Fishman Clasica II (EZ) it is striking how compact it is and how little it invades the instrument’s body. Although it is one of Fishman's most basic systems, it is surprising and very effective.

The electrification system model Fishman Clasica II (EZ) comes with a chromatic tuner with a screen of good dimensions for its reading, a low battery indicator led, low profile control knobs, a phase shift button and 2 equalization bands. The battery is located in an easy-to-open compartment exactly next to the jack input.

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