Great songs for learning the guitar

  • It doesn’t matter if you are playing the classical guitar, acoustic guitar or electric guitar, when you start playing; the songs you play sound nothing like the original! One thing is reading the tabs, putting your fingers in the right place, plucking the string… and then putting them in order. 

    Music is not mathematics, music has feeling and rhythm. The great thing is that most of the best songs ever written have a core rhythm of no more than four chords. Pick of your favorite classic rock and blues songs to check the chords. 


    ‘Do major’, ‘Re major’, ‘mi major’, ‘sol (major and minor)’ are the 5 main chords that are used in nearly all Western music. You don’t need masses of technical ability to play 90% of any song you hear on the radio. To be able to play ‘Stand by me’ by BB King, you only need to play the three chords; ‘re’, ‘la’ and ‘mi’. If you want something from the last ten years you could play the song, ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay; you jut need to know ‘re’, ‘la’ and ‘mi’. You can learn to play a passable version of these songs in less than an hour.


    Another great song to play that always shines and that is very easy to play is ‘Knocking on Heaven’s door’ by Bob Dylan. You can play it smooth and acoustically, or rock out to the version performed by Guns ‘n’ Roses. If you want to play some tunes for your telly addict friends you can play some theme tunes such as, Rocky, Batman, SpongeBob Square pants, Game of Thrones and the Simpsons. Playing these simple tunes will make you feel great and any mistakes you make will be very east to hear and work on.


    These are great songs that will please you and any audience you are playing to. If you want to have fun while you are learning, you should stick to these simple classics. If you memorize the lyrics you will always know if you are playing in rhythm or not. Combine the lyrics with a metronome and you should be playing a more than passable version of the song. 



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