Advice for buying a guitar as a gift

  • A classical guitar is a great gift to give to anybody, it is unforgettable and a life long gift that keeps on giving. For someone who already plays and has an acoustic or electric guitar it makes a great addition to their collection. 

    For newbies you are giving that special person in your life a gift and a hobby. Not all classical guitars are the same, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Please read on to get some advice on which guitar to by and for who.


    If you are buying a guitar for a child or a beginner it is best not to break the bank. There are many low to medium guitars that will last a very long time and have good sound. There are different sizes of guitar for children and adults, whatever size you need, it is available. You should also bear in mind that there are left-handed and right-handed guitars.


    If you are buying for someone who already has been playing for some time they will really appreciate a guitar of medium to high quality. There are many different types of bodies and designs. Speak to the person you are buying the guitar for to try and find out what they play and how they play.


    Players may prefer to play with their finger nails or with a guitar pick, they may play as rhythm guitar in a strumming style or play more guitar solos. This may seem like a small detail but the type of guitar they play on, and that you want to buy them is a very individual thing. Playing blues is not the same as flamenco or rock, do your research to find out which guitar is best for your gifted.


    The last thing to consider is the look of the guitar. How the guitar looks does not depend on technique or ability. The look of the guitar is purely an aesthetic choice based on the tastes of the player, make sure you grill your gifted to find out what they like in a guitar.


    This probably means that the guitar you would buy for a teenager would not be the same as you would buy for a 50-year-old grizzled axe man. Make sure you find out what the returns policy is from your guitar retailer, if your gifted needs a different size or style, they should be able to take it back to the store to change it. 

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