10 Golden Rules for taking care of your guitar

  • Ten Rules to care of guitar by Alhambra Guitars

    It's important to keep the guitar in the best conditions to ensure its durability. Here we show some basic rules to care for it

    Have you ever noticed that after a while your guitar isn’t as it should be? You can’t put your finger on what it is exactly but something is not right. Other times, you are sure that there is something wrong but you don’t know how to fix it, or even where the fault is. 

    If you want to avoid many of the problems that can occur, it is worth investing time in looking after your guitar to prevent them happening in the first place. Here are the top ten ways you can keep your guitar in top condition.

    1- Treat your guitar with respect: your guitar will last for years, even if it’s an inexpensive model.

    2- Avoid sudden temperature changes: Going from hot exterior to air conditioned room, for example.

    3- Don’t put your guitar near heat or cold sources; fires/AC units.

    4- Avoid high temperatures. Do not leave your guitar in the boot of your car in the summer. The boot acts like an oven.

    5- The best way to ruin a guitar is to leave it on strong-direct sunlight.

    6- Guitars need string changes, cleaning and maintenance, it is worth paying a professional to do this for you.

    7- Repairing or modifying your guitar yourself is an easy way to cause a much bigger problem. Please use a certified luthier. Alhambra has a technical service.

    8- The best way of looking after your guitar and spotting problems is by playing it

    9- If you are not going to be playing for a while, or the guitar is in the hold of an airplane it is best to slacken off the strings a bit by half a note.

    10- Take care of your guitar by enjoying it! If you are not enjoying playing, maybe you should change teacher, music style or how you practice.