Classic, acoustic, or electric guitar: which one?

  • When you want to learn to play the guitar, a frequent doubt is what type of instrument to buy. A classic, acoustic, or electric guitar? Clarifying your preferences and necessities will help you to stop feeling disorientated before the huge quantity of options available, and also, not to make the wrong decision

    One of the best criteria for choosing is your favourite the style of guitar music. When your tastes go towards rock, heavy or blues, the best thing is an electric guitar. For more melodic styles, with voice accompaniment, either an acoustic or classic guitar would be better. In turn, flamenco and classic music clearly require a Spanish guitar.

    Next, you have to define the budget. Not necessarily looking for the cheapest, but rather defining a range of prices within which you can look for the best quality possible. You have to try all of the models necessary, until you find the most comfortable and most inspiring guitar for you. If it’s possible, going to the shop with somebody who already knows how to play the guitar will be very helpful.

    To simplify, here are the pros and cons of each type of guitar:




    Softer strings that are easier to play

    Bigger separation between the strings that allows clean chords to be struck




    Limited range of styles

    It’s more difficult to test different tunings





    Good transition to electric

    Greatly strengthens the hands and fingers



    Hard strings and harder to learn




    Good for a range of styles

    Good for vibrating and forcing the strings

    Easier to learn from the physical point of view



    Less hand and finger training

    Need an amplifier or computer with suitable software

    More difficult transition to acoustic or classic


    Whatever type of guitar you finally choose, it doesn’t have to be a decision for life: the same passion that drives a guitar player to one specific type of guitar will take them to new horizons when the time is right.

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