Classical Guitar tunning for beginners

  •  Many beginner guitarists lose hope because they cannot get the hang of chords, can’t get their fingering right, and, above all, not know how to tune their guitar. Sound quality is incredibly important to develop your musical talents. You can buy a guitar tuner very cheaply from a music shop or order one on the Internet.

    The easiest way to tune your guitar is to use a string as a reference (normally we use the fifth or sixth string) and go down through the notes. The sixth string on the fifth fret will give the sound of the fifth string played unfretted.

    Now, play the fifth fret and the fourth unfretted, they should sound the same. Next, play the third string on the fifth fret and hit the second string unfretted. Lastly play the second string on the fourth fret and play the first string unfretted. Following these steps you should get the same sound for the fretted and unfretted notes you play.

    The note that you took as your reference should be picked up by your guitar tuner. With practise you will not need the device, you will be able to tune your guitar wherever you are. Tuners are useful to get the notes right for all types of guitars; Electric guitars, acoustic, and also Spanish and classical guitars

    The note you are using as your reference from the above tuning exercise has a frequency of 440Hz, this is the same note as a middle ‘Doe’ on the piano. The note from the second fret has a frequency of 220Hz, and the note form the fifth string has a frequency of 110Hz.

    To enjoy playing the guitar it is essential that you will need to dedicate a lot of time and motivation to your art. Some people learn how to tune their guitar quicker than others, others take longer.

    The most important thing to remember is that if you can tune your guitar you will greatly enjoy playing the guitar and feel confident in the notes you are playing.

    Learning to tune your guitar is a priority for beginners. If you learn to play on guitars that are not tuned you may not learn how to play correctly. Correcting mistakes after you have already been playing for a while is very difficult as these bad habits become engrained.

    Furthermore, with the ease of access to technology and tuners, no guitar player should have to suffer the horror of hearing or playing an out of tune guitar. Good luck with your tuning and playing, enjoy yourself. 

    If you are a beginner and have doubts choosing a guitar, click here and you will find useful information.