Why a bridge with double holes for the strings?

  • The benefits of the double hole bridge  Alhambra Guitars

    We explain the benefits of this bridge design with 12 holes instead of 6

    At Alhambra Guitars we work every day to develop and incorporate processes and elements that improve the final quality of the instrument.

    Specifically, the double hole bridge has been tested in recent years in the 10 Premier and Premier Pro models, with very good acceptance among guitarists.

    The experience gained has led us to implement this element in the high-end guitars of our catalog.

    The benefits that the guitarists have told us are very interesting to improve, from sound and ergonomic qualities of the instrument, even for aesthetic reasons.

    Improves tension

    It has been proven that the tension of the strings increases slightly with this double hole bridge design.

    The tension increase is due to the angle of the string with respect to the saddle. With the traditional 6-hole system, the string is slightly higher in the area before the hole, which reduces the angle of the string with respect to the line of the top.

    With the double-hole bridge, with 12 holes, the string does not cross, so the angle of the string with respect to the line of the top is higher, generating some more tension.

    A tension that works very well on our guitars. Very comfortable guitars in which we recommend the use of high-tension strings.

    Greater ease to place the strings

    Possibly the most obvious advantage is observed when putting the strings.

    The double hole bridge system consists of passing the string through each of the two holes and hugging it with itself. A mechanism that avoids bending the string, or making knots that sometimes complicate or delay the placement of the strings.

    The fact of not having to bend the string in an excessive way, also allows that in the low ones, none of the internal filaments under the cord is broken. It helps increase the durability of the strings and avoid problems of strange noises.

    Faster tuning

    The knotting system used in the double hole bridge significantly reduces the turns of the string. In a traditional string placement system, they need more time to reach the optimum elasticity that keeps tuning. In the double hole bridge system on the guitar, tuning is more stable and is achieved in less time.

    More stylized aesthetics 

    It is evident that when knotting the strings, they are not always uniformly, leaving the ends of different lengths. With the double hole bridge system, all the strings are knotted in a homogeneous way and with the hidden end, tied so that it is stuck to the back of the bridge.

    Without a doubt, a system in which the result of putting the strings is much more aesthetic and elegant.

    Alhambra models with double hole bridge

    The double hole bridge system will be installed on the new guitars of all luthier models, the so-called “Signature Guitars”, in addition to the 10 Premier and 10 Fp Piñana model.

    In this way, the Premier, Professional Line, Luthier, Mengual & Margarit, Vilaplana and José Miguel Moreno models, together with the 10 Fp Piñana model, will now have the double hole bridge.

    An incorporation demanded by our clients and that directly improves the experience of the guitarist.

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