Reinforcement with Ebony

  • The reinforcement with ebony Alhambra Guitars

    A protection for the structure and stability of the guitar

    Sudden changes in temperature or relative humidity are damaging to the guitar, as discussed in previous articles.

    It is an instrument made entirely in wood and therefore these changes can produce certain variations in the structure of the instrument, or even get to break it.

    The classical and flamenco guitars of a certain constructive level, are elaborated integrating a reinforcement of ebony in the handle. This reinforcement gives the instrument an additional rigidity.

    Specifically, this reinforcement of Ebony is placed to countermale to avoid the hypothetical case where the handle could become double as a result of being exposed to moisture.

    In classical and flamenco Alhambra guitars

    In the old models of classical and flamenco guitars of Alhambra, the reinforcement of Ebony could be seen from the outside. A thick black line pierced the handle completely.

    In the current range of classical and flamenco guitars from Alhambra, this reinforcement of Ebony remains inside the handle.

    An ebony strip from the bottom of the handle, integrated in the heel, to the head of the instrument, and along the whole handle.

    refuerzo ebano guitarras alhambra 3refuerzo ebano guitarras alhambra 2

    This new design shows only the wood of the mast and provides a more elegant appearance of the instrument, while reducing the overall weight of the instrument.

    How to identify the reinforcement?

    All models of Alhambra classical and flamenco guitars from the series 5, incorporate this reinforcement of Ebony.

    Being integrated in the mast, Ebony can not be detected with the naked eye. In order to visualize it, a mirror can be used and placed on the inner side of the guitar body through the mouth, which allows us to see the inner side of the heel.

    Another way to see the ebony strip is to remove the top saddle or nut from its location, so that the inner face of the handle is exposed.

    refuerzo ebano guitarras alhambra 4refuerzo ebano guitarras alhambra 5

    The nut is not glued, so to be able to remove the nut safely, you have to loosen the strings and remove it so that the strip of Ebony is in sight.

    On the Alhambra Crossover Guitars

    Crossover guitars are a mix of classical and acoustic guitar. For this reason they have different qualities.

    Crossover models are built with something called "Truss rod". A metal rod that is placed inside the mast and serves to regulate the fingerboard line.

    An action that is performed when there are changes of humidity or temperature, or when a change of strings with different tension is made.

    This bar has a regulation system that is accessed from the mouth of the guitar. Where very carefully is regulated by the use of a special key.

    The truss rod is a common system in acoustic and electric guitars.

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