Semi-professional range, guitars for each guitarist

  • The semiprofessional student range of Alhambra Guitars

    The Alhambra Guitars semiprofessional student range offers high performance instruments for the student of this art

    You may think that a student should start with low quality, non-sounding and uncomfortable instruments. Nothing is further from reality.

    Since 1965, at Alhambra Guitars we are specialized in guitars for all levels, deepening in a special way the quality and performance of each of the models.

    Starting from the basis of care in choosing the harmonic top, a top always has to be solid, from studio guitars to professional level guitars, called “Signature Guitars”.

    In the range of models of Alhambra Guitars every guitarist can find the most suitable instrument according to their requirements.

    Construction, quality and performance

    The woods, construction typology and design are key elements for guitar making, in the semiprofessional student range more if it is possible because it seeks greater efficiency and excellence in value for money.

    The harmonic top, whether of cedar or spruce, must always be solid and selected to meet the technical requirements and that the instrument has the right sound.

    In the same way, the type of construction is very important. In this sense the method of "Spanish heel", the traditional Spanish building system, coupled with a comfortable neck, an action of carefully strings and a high quality finish, make guitars, in this case the semi-professional student range, with high performance and adapt to the demands of guitarist, whatever their level.

    Demonstration of models 3 C, 4 P and 5 P

    In the following video, the professional guitarist Mar Sánchez through Fanatic Guitars, shows us the series of models of the student range semiprofesional of guitars Alhambra. Specifically the models Alhambra 3C, 4P and 5P of 2017.

    In the words of Mar Sánchez: "They are three fantastic models, wonderful, for any student who wants to start playing the guitar.

    The first model, the 3 C, which is the most affordable model of all of them, is a model that has super good quality-price, because it is a guitar with some sonic characteristics and comfort, the truth that great for the price it has and to start playing it is a fantastic guitar.

    On the contrary say, the least economic model of the three, the 5P would be because it is a semi-professional guitar, but with the characteristics of a professional guitar almost concert.

    It is a guitar with sound abilities, timbral variations, it gives more possibilities at the musical level - sound to the instrumentalist, and also a very comfortable guitar with a spectacular sound to be a semi-professional guitar.

    Then in the middle we have the 4P, it is a guitar more affordable than the 5P, but that actually retains enough features of this guitar as well.

    At the sound level, ringing, on a level of comfort, it is a guitar also super good, let's say, in the middle of the two".

    In the video, Mar Sánchez makes the interpretation of three themes, repeating each theme with each of these three guitars range semi-professional student, and to make a comparison.


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