The grandness of the Spanish Guitar

  • The grandness of the Spanish Guitar

    The Spanish Guitar is an instrument which is able of amazing in large rooms and of affecting in small places.

    Since Francisco Tárrega promoted the prestige of the Spanish guitar until nowadays, this instrument has achieved great successes.

    Respecting the work of the own Tárrega, "Great Waltz" was created, whose melody has sounded in millions of mobile phones for years. It is the best-known mobile-phone melody.

    Tárrega died in Barcelona 107 years ago, in 1909. The XX century will be remembered as the golden century of the Spanish Guitar.

    In this way, we cannot stop naming the "Concert of Aranjuez".

    For years, the work of the master Rodrigo has the highest audience ratings of all the compositions managed by the SGAE.

    Since its release by the guitarist called Regino Sainz de la Maza, until nowadays, many guitarists have taken on the challenge of playing one of the best-known compositions.

    From amongst all, Narciso Yepes and Paco de Lucía have been the most renowned, and those who have achieved more successes by means of the interpretation in the Concert. Two artists who are renowned for two very famous works. The first artist, Yepes, for the ‘Anonymous Romance’, a work that despite not being his own composition, has always been attributed to him, or at least he has been directly related to it. A melody which is renowned worldwide and performed by means of his striking guitar with 10 strings.

    On the other hand, in the case of Paco de Lucía, his composition ‘Between two waters’ (the original title is ‘Entre dos aguas’) has undoubtedly been a great success, and the reason why many people do not know a large part of the repertoire of this extraordinary guitarist.

    The Spanish guitar is an instrument which has been, is and will be in the best stages. In the same way, it will shine and will be enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

    In many homes, Christmas is celebrated with a Spanish guitar, since it is an appropriate instrument to accompany the traditional Christmas carols with your family.

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