Guitarist chooses the flamenco guitar

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    The comfort and the color of the sound are the priorities in the choice of a flamenco guitar.

    In previous publications, we have mentioned the main elements to take into account to choose a classic guitar. For the choice of a flamenco guitar, there are some similar characteristics, but of course, there are also some different ones.

    In the flamenco music, it is also important the choice of style to play. If the intention is to play a flamenco fusion or other tendencies, probably there are some options such as the cutaway which would make easier the access to the bottom of the neck.

    An option chosen by many guitarists is the narrow body. In Alhambra Guitars, its name is the acronym "CT". Its narrow body allows the guitarist to play in different positions.

    Moreover, the visual impression is very important, since if an instrument catches our attention, it will influence the choice. From a solid top, the box can be made of different woods.

    Although the flamenco guitar, par excellence, has always been with cypress sides and back, it is very common to find black flamenco guitars, which are built with Palosanto. But, just as the classic guitar or the other types, we must keep in mind that the sound is the most important element, so we have to test the instruments and pay attention to the different sound sensations which are offered by this.

    As we say, from a solid lid, the sides and the back can be solid or laminated. Regarding the woods, we usually find: Sycamore, Cypress or Palosanto.

    Of course, the higher quality of wood, the higher price. But it is not only because solid woods are more expensive, in addition, the manufacture using solid woods requires a different technique and a more specialized work.

    Two saddles to choose

    Regarding the action of the strings, each guitarist has his own tastes. For that reason, in the case of the Alhambra flamenco guitars, a second saddle is added with the purpose of allowing the guitarist to choose.

    From the 3 F model, the flamenco guitars include a second higher saddle for those who are not used to play with such low actions.

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