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    The choice of the guitar by the guitarist is very important, after having identified the style that he wants to play. 

    Getting to the shop, seeing the great variety of instruments that are available and not knowing what to do afterwards is a very common situation at the beginning of a guitarist’s career.

    Getting to the store, seeing the variety of instruments available and not knowing where to start, is a common situation in the beginning of any guitarist.

    Classical, flamenco, acoustic or electric, these could be, at least initially, the large group to choose from.

    In this case, we will focus on nylon string guitars. Which means focusing on the choice of the classical, flamenco, cutaway or crossover models.

    As mentioned above, the first premise that the guitarist must take into account in the choice of the guitar is the type of music that he wants to play.

    If the goal is to play classical music, this choice is clear. And if the goal is to combine styles or play modern music, combined with popular music, in most cases, we are also talking about a classic guitar in its traditional version or cutaway.

    The look of the guitar is also very important. An instrument that calls our attention is going to be quite relevant in order to make a decision. The packaging must have a solid top, sides and back can be made of different woods, most of them exotic (laminated or solid).

    It is possibly the ziricote, the cocobolo or the pink stick wood, those with a more appealing look. But we must not lose sight of the fact that what really matters when getting a new guitar is the sound of it, therefore we must try and look at the different sound sensations offered by the instrument.

    Those are some characteristics that go always along with the price, so it is important to set a budget in advance in order to better define the choice.

    The top should be solid German Spruce, fir or cedar.

    A guitar should have a nice maintenance which denotes the high quality of the instrument. A very important issue is the top, which is the acoustic membrane of the instrument and the most important part in order to get a good sound.

    The neck is also important. It can be thicker or thinner, so it is very important to test, to check that the grip is comfortable and matches with the physical characteristics of the guitarist's hand.

    The action of the strings.

    The action of the strings is very important for the left hand of the guitarist. In the Alhambra Guitars for beginners, the string action is inferior, because the high-action pulsation is harder for those guitarists who have no experience and who would not play for too long. A concert guitar has a superior action on the strings in order to get the most out of the guitar, especially when it comes to sound.

    But above all, the seller's advice is very important for the choice. The experience of the seller in a physical shop is fundamental to clarify the guitarist’s doubts and to test the instrument in situ.

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