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  • Alhambra Guitars and the Environment

    The statement: Alhambra Guitars has a commitment to the environment which is demonstrated every day and in each areas of the company.

    The raw material of guitars is wood. Therefore, the optimization of our resources is a must in the management of Alhambra Guitars. The sustainable and rational use of sources is crucial; so that, a productive use of wood is essential to protect our environment and ensure the quality of life of future generations.

    In each timber purchasing, depending on the type of wood and the country of its origin, supplier companies carried out several procedures. For instance, in the case of Indian Palosanto, its procurement is possible by means of government public auctions; in addition, trunks have been sawed up in the same country in which it has been purchased, meeting the technical specifications of Guitarras Alhambra.

    Regarding the Brazilian Palosanto, it is a highly demanded and limited wood. Due to this fact, and with the purpose of protecting the environment of its country of origin, there are proceedings regulated by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

    In the case of Ebony, the Indian law forces to provide an annual percentage of the total invoice value in order to dedicate it to the reforestation of the country.

    It is important to underline the recognized solvency in the sector from all the wood suppliers of Guitarras Alhambra, where the vast majority have environmental certifications which guarantee the reforestation.

    The commitment of Alhambra Guitarras  to the Environment continues by means of procedures to achieve the maximum exploitation of wood. Therefore, there is a suction system in all processes of cutting and sanding for the production of briquettes, which are used by bakers in the area as fuel for their furnaces. Leftovers are used as biomass for heating the Guitarras Alhambra’s facilities in winter.

    Moving on to other issues, the waste of hazardous materials such as glues and varnishes, are collected and processed by specialized companies in licensed facilities. Coating plants have a closed loop of water which collects the excess of varnish used in the guitar. After making use of the treatment system in the company, this water is reused.

    Respecting the use of varnishes, we must highlight the process of making guitars called “Open Pore”, which uses less varnish and contributes to environmental conservation. The models with Open Pore offer a natural satin finish, where the guitar pores remain open. This fact allows the sound of the guitar to have a great resonance. Moreover, this manufacturing process reduces the total cost of the guitar, which is reflected in the excellent quality-price ratio.

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