The guitarists of the XIII edition of the Alhambra Competition arrive

  • Delivery first competition prize Alhambra Ali Arango

    Since 1990, Alhambra Guitars bets on the careers of young guitarists from all over the world with its International Competition.

    The International Competition of Alhambra Guitars celebrates its thirteenth edition. Thirteen editions of an important contest in which many guitarists have joined such as Alexander-Sergei Ramirez of Peru-Germany, Marcin Dylla Poland, Dae-Kun Jang of Korea, Rafael Aguirre of Spain, Kyuhee Park of South Korea or the winner of the last contest, the Cuban Ali Arango.

    This meeting for guitarists from all over the world began to be organized in Alcoy, which is a neighboring city from the manufacturing company Alhambra (Muro de Alcoy); and, since 2006, the meeting takes place at the Palau de la Música.

    From its beginning until 2002, this contest counted on the figure of Yukiharu Inoue as artistic director. Later, from 2004 to 2008, Serafín Arriaza held this post; and finally, José Luis Ruiz del Puerto is the current responsible for the artistic direction.

    It is important to remark that this is the third edition, in which a work is created for the competition. It is included in the Spanish Contemporary Music of the "Guitarras Alhambra" Collection. A collection which has been edited by the Piles Editorial and demonstrates the interest of the company to serve as a reference, creating a new music collection in a parallel way to the competition. A firm commitment to the guitar and the Spanish music.

    In 2012, this collection of compositions was inaugurated by means of the work of José Manuel López López (National Music Prize in 2000), Impressions and Landscapes. The title makes reference to the first book of poems, which was published by Federico García Lorca, especially dedicated to his music teacher at Granada.

    In 2014, David Del Puerto had to shoulder the responsibility of the composition by means of Fantasia and Rondo. And this year, the contestants played: Three Stories Alhambra by the composer Emilio Calandín (1958).

    The Alhambra International Guitar Competition offers important economic prizes to the winner with the purpose of helping to enhance the young artists' careers, in addition to the record of an album by means of the record label NAXOS.

    To sum up, this contest is a must for guitarists and six orders instrument lovers, where a huge number of activities are also organized.

    Among them: Two extraordinary concerts, one of them by Ali Arango and another one by Carlos Miguel Angel Orengo Piñana (guitar and percussion); a guitars exhibition, a music appointment of Laurent Boutros, raffles, and prizes. And the most important, the playoffs and the finals of the competition at the Palau de la Música.

    An important program that will take place between 6th and 11th June 2016 at the Municipal Conservatory of Valencia, Jose Iturbi, and the Palau de la Música.