Do your children feel comfortable playing the guitar?

  • Children are playing the Alhambra guitar

    In the case of the guitar, the beginning in the learning is decisive.

    Its features could make the difference, it could determine the continuity with the instrument or getting bored.

    It is very common to decide buying a low price instrument in order to start playing the guitar. In many cases, the approach is to buy a cheap one just in case we get tired. But, will this decision influence our evolution with the instrument?

    Traditional companies have spent many years improving and evolving guitars to optimize their qualities such the comfort and sound, which are really important.

    Do we propose to start driving with a car that does not exceed 30 km/h without power steering or air conditioning? Of course it is possible, but we would get bored surely, since we would not stay satisfied.

    Although this might be an exaggeration, something similar could happen with the guitar. Let’s imagine buying a guitar for a child in which he has to make much effort to play and also, it does not sound. The lack of results could cause boredom. Without evolution, we do not get the required satisfaction.

    Besides the fabrication process, one of the most important elements in order to obtain quality and volume on the guitar is the quality of the cover, which constitutes the acoustic membrane of the guitar.

    In Alhambra guitars, all guitars are made with solid wood lid, since a cover of quality is essential for getting the basic qualities. This fact, alongside with the careful selection of the characteristics of the neck and the string action, allow us to produce a guitar adapted to all your needs, from an early stage, to an advanced level.

    The action on the guitar is the distance between the strings and the neck. By means of a low action, an increased convenience is achieved, and that is why initiation guitars have a lower action. In classical guitars, the action increases when the level for which the guitar is intended rises.

    Nevertheless, this does not happen with flamenco guitars due to the difference in the angle of the neck, the action is lower than in classical guitars, which provides part of the characteristic sound of this art.

    On the other hand, an element that determines the convenience directly is the thickness of the neck. In Alhambra guitars, we have developed a thinner ergonomic neck which enables exerting pressure without making force, which improves the convenience of the interpreter substantially.

    When we make investment in an instrument, beyond from the convenience, the volume or the sound quality, we want it to last and to support the interpretive activity. In this sense, the constructive characteristics are very important, with the Spanish tradition being fundamental, something we will talk about soon.