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Fernando J. Figueredo is a guitarist, producer and composer of Latin American and Anglo-Saxon musical influences

Born in Paraguay in 1982, this artist has autochthonous roots of his Guaraní land. He has a self-taught music education through which he develops his music.

In his compositions, he combines Latin American and Anglo-Saxon compositional musical influences, a consequence of the time he spent in countries such as the United States, Spain or Argentina.

Fernando Figueredo is a multi-instrumentalist musician and declared an admirer of flamenco music. In fact, the influence of Spanish music led him to compose his songs with the Alhambra guitar 3 F CW model. An instrument in which Fernando Figueredo highlights "the brightness, comfort and broad spectrum of sound that this guitar offers its listeners".

Fernando Figueredo is considered within the world of composition, as one of the emerging figures in the Latin pop music industry, there are numerous collaborations with musicians, artists, and producers of international stature such as:

·         Lulo Pérez, musical producer of "No es lo mismo" by Alejandro Sanz, winner of six Latin Grammys and responsible for the production of the single "Sos" www.sosloquesiemprequise.com.py

·         Simon Gibson (Thomas Newman-Skyfall), Andy Walter (Anthology of the Beatles) and Chris Bolster (Rolling Stones). Engineers with whom he worked for mix & mastering at Abbey Road Studios, London UK

·         Diego Ortells, programmer and arranger of the pop artist "Alejandro Lerner-Argentinan"

·         "Salamandra" and "Proceres de mayo", iconic bands of Paraguayan Pop Rock

·         Tom Andes (Jazz Piano Player) devoted pianist from Columbia (Missouri) who played with John Coltrane Jr.

·         Daniel Vilá, arranger and pianist of important Argentine artists

·         Duende Camarón, renowned group of Rumba Flamenca located in Washington DC (USA)

·         "Peace to the World", with Dayan Abad (La Voz, Spain) and Ramón Gonzáles Orta (Percussionist of Rosario Flores, Madrid, Spain), where he collaborated as musical author

·         "Together" with Paul Hoyle, Pablo Pena (Performer of the Miami Heats team of the NBA) and Lenard Rutledge (Miami, USA) where he was Co-Producer

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Linkedin: Fernando Figueredo

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