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Flamenco guitar concert Pepe Justicia plays with a guitar Alhambra model Mengual & Margarit Flamenco Rosewood

José Moreno Justicia, "Pepe Justicia" is a flamenco guitarist, self-taught and a follower of flamenco art by artists such as Sabicas, Niño Ricardo, Ramón Montoya or the great Paco de Lucía.

From the 80s and up to the present, after having collaborated with a multitude of Andalusian artists, Pepe Justicia is part of the flamenco music scene.

His career consists of performances inside and outside of Spain, as a companion of flamenco singing and dancing artists, as well as solo and in his own group called "Pepe Justicia Band".

From his place of residence in Granada and later in Jerez de la Frontera, Pepe Justicia makes the public enjoy. Especially in Andalusia, cradle of flamenco art.

His performances both solo and with other artists from Jerez are continuous. Performances with outstanding artists in various disciplines such as singing or dancing.

As a musician he has had influences from various musical styles outside of flamenco. From the classical music of Tárrega or Bach, to Brazilian rhythms, through jazz or pop.

Currently and since 2006 he is Professor of the Superior Dance Conservatory of Malaga.

Pepe Justicia plays with a guitar Alhambra model Mengual & Margarit Flamenco Rosewood OP electrified with Fishman Ellipse

Pepe Justicia Band

One of the projects of this flamenco artist is the group "Pepe Justicia Band". A flamenco formation composed of two guitars, wind and percussion.

An authentic flamenco show where the public can enjoy good flamenco music.


Guitarist Pepe Justicia has been awarded the most prestigious awards in the world of flamenco.

Among others, he has won the International Flamenco Guitar Prize (Jerez 1987 and 1999) and the National Critics Award for the best Flamenco Guitar album in 2003.


Pepe Justicia has recorded several CDs with his own compositions and has collaborated in recordings of different types of music, from Classical to Jazz or Pop.

From his discography we can highlight:



·         SOLO AGUA

·         Y TIEMPO

·         AZULES

·         13 NOCHES

·         DUNAS

You can get more information about Pepe Justicia on his website and different official social networks:

Facebook: @pepe.justicia

You tube: José Moreno


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