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Haque y Ivanovic duo Alhambra Guitars

They are classified as "A guitar duo like no other", the peculiarity of this group makes them different

The duo formed by Fareed Haque and Goran Ivanovic works rhythms and melodies of different musical styles, from flamenco to jazz, through classical music, rock or even music from the Balkan region.

Two guitarists of different generations with an excellent technique. They produce a music style of great beauty and balance. A virtuous duo with a lot of art.

Fareed Haque is known for his virtuosity in modern guitar, although since he was young we can find him performing classical or jazz music. He plays with an Alhambra guitar Línea Profesional model.

The great mastery of the guitar, combined with the knowledge of different musical styles, show an experienced musician, traditional but at the same time innovative.

Guitarist Goran Ivanovic is considered a curious musician, a guitarist who likes to explore in different styles and cultures. In Chicago, he is known for being a very versatile and skilled musician, a guitarist who dazzles the public. He plays with an Alhambra guitar 11 P model


Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque have recorded two CDs as a duo. Titled like Macedonian Blues and 7 Boats, these discs have obtained very good criticism.

Among others, they have obtained the recognition of the "Acoustic Guitar" magazine as the best acoustic guitar albums 2004.

The work and the dedication have prevented that for years they have not been able to record again together, although for these two artists there are no borders nor distance between continents.

HOWARD REICH, Los Angeles Times: "Although the music on this extraordinarily sensitive guitar-duo recording transcends genre, there's no resisting its mix of American jazz, acoustic blues, flamenco rhythm and Macedonian melody. Only two guitarists on the planet would come up with such a concoction, but Ivanovic and Haque (whose roots run to Yugoslavia and South Asia, respectively) play as if they're speaking the same musical language. Some listeners might be tempted to consign any recording as genteel as this to background music, but that would mean missing the puckish stop-start rhythms of "Kalajdzisko Oro," the mystical ambience of "Gajdarsko Oro" and the free-form expressions of "Improv." Those who have heard the duo in concert probably will conclude that no recording could capture fully the sparks that fly between these two virtuosos. But this disc at least documents the distinctly cross-continental flavor of their restlessly innovative work."

You can get more information about the guitar duo formed by Fareed Haque and Goran Ivanovic on their website and different official social networks:


Facebook: @goranguitar

Facebook: @FareedHaqueJazz

You tube: Goran Ivanovic