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Stéfane Mellino Alhambra Guitars

Stéfane Mellino plays with a narrow-body flamenco cutaway Alhambra guitar

He is a French guitarist well known for belonging to the group Les Négresses Vertes, as guitarist, singer and author composer.

Four years after "Négresses Vertes", by the hand of Adilson Monteiro (drums) and Alain Bastard (guitar), Stéphane Mellino joins them, along with his wife, Iza (vocal percussion), in the group "EL MELLINO".

During the tour of 2014 they record their third album titled "MELLINO LIVE", a travel diary where they mark their personality through an eclectic fusion of styles. An album formed by influences of rock, blues and a strongly Mediterranean character.


·         1960: He was born in Philippeville, in Algeria, in a family of fishing line manufacturers

·         1962: Stéphane's family settles in the South of France

·         1978: Stéphane learns to play the electric guitar in a self-taught way

·         From 1981 to 1986: Stéphane moved to Paris and he joined the alternative music world. He performed in several groups and started with the acoustic guitar.

·         From 1987 to 2001: He is the guitarist, singer and author composer of the group "Les Négresses Vertes", where he records seven albums: "Mlah", "Famille nombreuse", "10 remixes", "Zig Zague", "Green bus" , "Trabendo", "Acoustic clubbing". In addition to making several international tours.

·         From 2002 to 2004: He is dedicated to making songs and albums for several artists.

·         In 2005: He released his album "Variations Ibériques" An instrumental album with the name "Stéphane Mellino".

·         Since 2005: Together with his wife Iza, he founded the group "Mellino" with which they record three albums: "Mellino", "No dogs aqui" and "Live". A period in which they have performed 600 concerts independently.

You can get more information about Stéphane Mellino on his website and different official social networks:

Facebook: @mellinomusic

Myspace: mellino

Vimeo: mellino


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