Custom Collection

Classical Exotic Woods Custom Collection

Alhambra guitar model Classical Exotic Woods Collection 100% customizable

The Exotic Woods Custom Collection (EW) series is an example of the research and development investment made by Alhambra Guitars. A line of 100% customizable guitars in which you can choose different woods for the top and back and sides, as well as the finish, open pore or gloss and the pegs color.

The white Ebony or Olive wood, which do not require CITES certificate, along with Indian rosewood,  or Cocobolo are the woods that can be selected for the back and sides.

All of them, woods that make beautiful guitars. The effect of these woods generates unique and unrepeatable guitars, due to the contrast of the wood grain.

For the top, you can choose cedar or spruce and both the fingerboard and the bindings are made of ebony.

In addition, you can select the color of the pegs on the machine heads between white or black. An interesting option to combine them with the color of the woods used in back and sides.

The finish of the Exotic Woods Custom Collection (EW) can be chosen between Open Pore finish, which offers a matte color, or the traditional gloss finish.

Powerful and very Spanish sound

The Classical Exotic Woods Collection model offers a powerful sound, full of nuances and with a very Spanish character.

The color of sound varies depending on the selected wood, both in back and sides, as in top, but that maintains its personality due to the exquisite design in its construction.

A guitar with an unbeatable value for money, to which is added the beauty of a customizable instrument.


DECKE: Massive Zederndecke /  Massive Deutsche Fichtendecke​
ZARGEN & BODEN: Olive / White Ebony / India Palisander / Cocobolo
HALS: Sapelli
VARNISH: Open pore / Hochglanzpoliert​


  • Guitarras Alhambra. Custom Collection. Classical Exotic Woods Custom Collection Maße
  • Guitarras Alhambra. Custom Collection. Classical Exotic Woods Custom Collection Maße
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