Z-Nature CW EZ

The guitar Z-Nature is an electro-classical guitar with cutaway and preamp which is very affordable. The steps of the manufacturing process have been reduced as well as its overall cost of production while keeping the recognized quality of Alhambra guitars. The Alhambra Z-Nature is completely made in Spain. With its natural satin finish, the pores of the Z-Nature remain open, allowing the sound to have a great resonance. The Z-Nature has a very simple design which boils down to its natural beauty. This guitar will bring beginners a safe choice and the opportunity to start with an instrument for perfect value for money.the pick up and preamp are the Fishman II with tuner.


DECKE: Massive Zederndecke 
HALS: Sapelli
GRIFFBRETT: Palisander


EZ Fishman Clasica II
E1 Fishman Classic M
Tap plate


  • Guitarras Alhambra. Estudio. Z-Nature CW EZ Maße
  • Guitarras Alhambra. Estudio. Z-Nature CW EZ Maße
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