Andrea González's success in China

  • Andrea Gonzalez Alhambra Guitars

    Guitarist Andrea González Caballero is the winner of the last edition of the Alhambra Competition.

    She has performed concerts and Masterclass by different cities of the geography of the Asian country

    Andrea González Caballero is the winner of the XIII Alhambra International Guitar Competition 2016.

    A guitarist who surprises for her technique, for her sound, and her wonderful quality to interpret Spanish music. A guitarist who transmits and connects easily with the audience.

    By the hand of Manufacturas Alhambra S.L. there has been a tour of China in which six cities have been visited: Urumqi, Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming, Shenzhen y Guangzhou.

    Fall China Tour Alhambra


    During the tour Andrea has performed concerts where she has performed works by: J.Malats, J. Clerch, I. Albéniz, J. Rodrigo, F. Tárrega, I. Cervantes, A. Manjón y M. de Falla.

    Some concerts in which the public has been satisfied with the interpretation of the Spanish guitarist, where Andrea has demonstrated her talent for the interpretation of Spanish music for guitar, through a powerful sound and care and exceptional sensitivity to contact the audience.


    Además de conciertos, Andrea ha impartido Masterclass en diferentes lugares como Chengdu Qingyang Library de la ciudad de Chengdu, Mingwu Music de la ciudad de Wuhan o Bosheng Guitar Center en la ciudad de Kunming o la Sociedad Flamenca de la ciudad de Zhenzhen, un colectivo dinámico y con importante actividad.

    In addition to concerts, Andrea has taught Masterclass in different places such as Chengdu Qingyang Library of Chengdu City, Mingwu Music of Wuhan City or Bosheng Guitar Center in Kunming City or the Flamenco Society of Zhenzhen City, a dynamic collective and with important activity.

    A masterclass aimed at both advanced guitarists and young performers, in which Andrea has transmitted elements of technique and interpretation to the students in attendance.

    The tour also served to visit famous places such as the Xinjian Grand Bazaar in Urumqi, especially its streets with music shops, Tianchi Lake in the Tian Shan Mountains in Xinjiang province. In Chengdu capital of Sichuan Province the famous Jinli Street. In all the cities with many meetings and great reception she has been able to enjoy the culinary wealth of each place and especially the famous pepper of Sichuan.

    The following video shows a brief summary of the China Tour.