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Guitarras Alhambra Artists ANDREA GONZÁLEZ - SPAIN

Andrea Gonzalez Caballero is considered one of the rising stars of Spanish guitarists, a fact which her concert career corroborates.

Andrea has been participating and getting many prizes in numerous international competitions: 1st price XIII Alhambra International Guitar Competition,  “40th International Competition of F. Sor” in Rome (Italy), “International Guitar Prize” in Weimar (Germany), “F. Tárrega Competition”(Vila-Real), the “Andrés Segovia International Guitar Competition” (Linares, Spain) Norba Caesarina International Competition”, “Daniel Fortea International Competition” and “I Young Musicians Competition of Euskadi”. Recently, Andrea won one of the most prestigious worlwide  guitar competitons: XIII Alhambra international competition. The prize includes solo concerts and a recording with the label Naxos in Canada.
Andrea plays a model José María Vilaplana NT Series.
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