8 P

Alhambra 8 P guitars and above are built by a smaller, more experienced team at the Alhambra facility.

Red Western Cedar top is married to a High-Grade Solid Indian Rosewood. Look at the back and admire the perfect bookmatching work. It shows you how much they care for the guitar-construction.
It features a light nitrocellulose lacquer finish allowing the wood to vibrate even more.
Its Western Red Cedar top gives it a nice warm tone quality without sacrificing volume or clarity of tone.
All of these factors work together to give this guitar a warm, loud, and refined sound.


DECKE: Massive Zederndecke
ZARGEN & BODEN: Massiv India Palisander
HALS: Zeder



E2 Fishman Prefix ProBlend
transparentes Schlagbrett


  • Guitarras Alhambra. Klassik. 8 P Maße
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