4 P

The 4P guitar is the best selling model of Alhambra Guitars. An instrument that has created a trend and a multitude of followers throughout the world.

It is the first model of the range which is made of Indian rosewood back and sides.

Regarding the top, on the classic guitar model 4 P, 4 layers of light varnish highlight the solid top. This model is also available in solid German spruce.

A finish that forms a beautiful instrument, with interesting features which offer very good sensations.

The 4P fingerboard is made of ebony wood. A very hard wood that resists the continuous activity of the left hand.

In addition, in this model it is appreciated that the machine heads are of superior quality, which allow a precise adjustment for the proper interpretive activity.

This model has a sweet and a powerful sound. The saddle and the nut are made of melamine. A highly transmitting material of sound.

Available in several options

We can also find the 4P model in its OP version. Its natural satin finish, where the guitar pores remain open, allow the sound to have a great resonance and less weight.

In addition, this instrument has several size options as well as the possibility of construction for left-handed.

A balanced instrument

In summary, the classical guitar Alhambra 4 P is an instrument that is included in the "Conservatory Line". This model can describe as very balanced, with very interesting performances which has met all the expectatives acquired around the world during the last years.


DECKE: Massive Zederndecke /  Massive Deutsche Fichtendecke
ZARGEN & BODEN: India Palisander
HALS: Sapelli
SPEZIELLE MENSUREN: (1/2),  Cadete (3/4) und Señorita (7/8)


EZ Fishman Clasica II
E1 Fishman Classic M
E2 Fishman Prefix Pro Blend
transparentes Schlagbrett
Spezielle Mensuren
Cadete: 610 mm
1/2: 544 mm
Señorita: 636 mm


  • Guitarras Alhambra. Klassik. 4 P Maße
  • Guitarras Alhambra. Klassik. 4 P Maße
  • Guitarras Alhambra. Klassik. 4 P Maße
  • Guitarras Alhambra. Klassik. 4 P Maße
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