Luthier Exotico

Just touching it is a sensual experience, the beautiful finish; I should say the perfect finish, the incredible quality of Solid Red Cedar top with very tight and regular nodules all across the guitar. The back and sides are made of gorgeous Peroba Rosa. The revolutionary floating bracing pattern gives it a unique tone and projection, astonishingly rich and superior. Its completeness, tone quality, craftsmanship, volume, projection, and playability are splendid. This guitar is a brilliant example of the fine work of the luthiers at Alhambra. This is by far one of the best guitars you have played. You now explore the endless possibilities of tone for new interpretations.


DECKE: Massive Zederndecke
ZARGEN & BODEN: Massiv Peroba rosa
HALS: Zeder


Customized versions


  • Guitarras Alhambra. Signature Guitars. Luthier Exotico Maße
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